SSL-lbnc ECDSA patch

#glftpd chat log 2015-08-27

[18:25:56] <crx_> f-ftpbnc and ebbnc is also okay for just entry but yatb covers all :)
[19:12:40] <mr-b> i've also fixed ssl-lbnc if anyone wants to use that
[19:12:48] <mr-b> i find it a bit easier to use than yatb
[19:16:06] <kniffy> fixed for new ssl?
[19:16:35] <mr-b> yea for ecdsa
[19:17:40] <kniffy> might be worth trying to use it over yatb - i've had issues with tls 1.2 on yatb sometimes
[19:18:11] <mr-b> ill see if i can make a patch file or somth
[19:31:20] <mr-b>
[19:37:05] <tittof> this does it
[19:38:01] <tittof> ah the lundman things
[19:38:08] <tittof> he also made a ftpd
[19:38:12] <tittof> quite similar to gl
[19:39:45] <tittof> to use his fxp one engine you would have to modify its sources, too - maybe someone could just msg him about it
[19:40:19] <tittof> at least you had to the last time i checked it
[19:42:06] <mr-b> i made the change to be able to use ssl-lbnc, i have only used lundftpd once or twice to check it out though
[19:43:29] <tittof> what was your impression?
[19:43:38] <mr-b> it's pretty quick
[19:44:00] <mr-b> impressed me how fast it was compared to ioftpd when i tried it
[19:44:15] <tittof> oh that thing is run on wintendo?
[19:44:27] <mr-b> it works on both
[19:44:32] <mr-b> i believe
[19:44:55] <tittof> the developer also is involved in zfs stuff that's where I stumbled upon him in the first place
[19:45:11] <mr-b> from the stuff he made, he's pretty talented imo
[19:45:52] <tittof> that thing was said to be too slow for tradin
[19:46:31] <mr-b> ah.
[19:46:37] <mr-b> never tried that
[19:56:13] <kniffy> so, red is lines to remove, greens are adds?
[19:56:38] <kniffy> i'll try building once i have time to sit down with it
[20:05:25] <BaToCarx> man patch
[20:15:52] <tittof> unless you want tbnc take simpleentry
[20:22:06] <kniffy> bouncing traffic is what i'm going for
[21:08:35] <tittof> kniffy: yatb has been updated to support all the tls needs
[21:08:39] <tittof> i think <>
[21:09:14] <kniffy> yeah, but i had weird issues where tlsv1 would work, but not others
[21:09:20] <kniffy> and yet the same conf worked fine on another box
[21:09:36] <kniffy> ̅ \(°_o)/̅
[21:11:00] <tittof> as long as you link it against a normal openssl all should be fine
[21:13:50] <tittof> not sure if we updated it after that logjam thing but yeah.. it's just R?cket science :)
[21:15:55] <kniffy> i'm not using the machine i tried to do it on anymore, so i cant debug

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